Security Focus_Issue 64_May 15

Vormetric and CloudHesive Partnership Delivers Encryption as a Service (EaaS) Offering

Vormetric, a leader in enterprise data security for physical, virtual, big data, public, private and hybrid cloud environments, today announced that CloudHesive has joined the Vormetric Cloud Partner program, and is offering an innovative suite of cloud managed services leveraging Vormetric Transparent Encryption and the Vormetric Cloud Encryption gateway. These offerings enable enterprises to realize the compelling benefits of cloud-based infrastructure use, without increasing risk to sensitive and regulated data using Encryption as a Service (EaaS) as a key component.

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As the pace of Microsoft SharePoint ad option continues, most organizations are turning to third party add-ons demands for functionality. It’s for these reasons that experts compare SharePoint without add-ons to an iPhone without apps.


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