Security Focus Oct 2013 | Hackers have read your script – and added a few killer lines.

Imperva Releases Hacker Intelligence Initiative Report: “PHP SuperGlobals: Supersized Trouble”

Imperva, Inc. (NYSE: IMPV), pioneering the third pillar of enterprise security with a new layer of protection designed specifically for physical and virtual data centers, today released its September Hacker Intelligence Initiative report, “PHP SuperGlobals: Supersized Trouble”.

Webinar: A Blueprint for Web Attack Survival

Is your organization prepared to face a large-scale attack from hacktivists or cybercriminals?  This webinar provides a step-by-step plan to protect web applications by using proven strategies from application security consultants and IT professionals that have been on the front lines of attack.

Gartner Predicts Waning of Corporate Owned Devices

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has transcended from buzz word to business as usual at a blistering rate. While there are definitive challenges associated with this open era of mobile information sharing, the boons in productivity are already apparent.

BYOD Enterprise Mobility Policy Guidebook

Questions About Enterprise Mobile Policy? Here Are All the Answers!

IT is being inundated with requests from end-users to enable mobile devices for enterprise productivity. Whether your mobile strategy is based on a corporate-owned approach or part of a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) program, the golden IT rule still applies.

Corero’s First Line of Defense Doesn’t Play Games When It Comes to Protecting G4BOX’s Business

Leading Publisher of Free-to-Play Online Multiplayer Games, G4BOX INC., Relies on Corero to Ensure Continuous Availability and High Performance for Superior Gaming Experience

Proofpoint Research Shows Cyber Attacks Differ by Industry

Proofpoint, Inc., (NASDAQ: PFPT), a leading security-as-a-service provider, released new research today that shows the volume of cyber-attacks are clearly different by industry and spread across a much wider range of industries than anticipated.

Attacks, Behavior, Data, Malware, Observations… Insight?

It seems to us that most of the public forum websites, headlines, and discussions about threats seem to focus on malware – the actual computer-resident software used in attacks.

NetScout Increases Worldwide Service Provider Deployments to 165 Extending Their Leadership Position in IP Service Delivery Management

New Deployments Added in All Global Regions Fueled by Growth in Real-Time Multimedia Traffic, LTE Rollouts, and Increased Demand for Customer Experience Analytics.

NetScout Systems, Inc. today announced an additional 23 service providers have deployed the nGenius Solution in production networks since November 2011.



As the pace of Microsoft SharePoint ad option continues, most organizations are turning to third party add-ons demands for functionality. It’s for these reasons that experts compare SharePoint without add-ons to an iPhone without apps.


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