Free Report | Top Ten Database Threats

Learn How To Spot and Stop These Complex Threats

Corporate databases contain the crown jewels of an organization, which means a break-in, by insiders (employee) or outsiders (Hacktivist/Cybercriminal), can cost millions in fines, lawsuits, and customer attrition. The good news is there are 10 commonly used methods to attack databases. Defend against these, and you will have a highly secure database.

Databases have the highest rate of breaches among all business assets, according to the 2012 Verizon Data Breach Report. Verizon reported that 96% of records breached are from databases, and the Open Security Foundation revealed that 242.6 million records were potentially compromised in 2012.




As the pace of Microsoft SharePoint ad option continues, most organizations are turning to third party add-ons demands for functionality. It’s for these reasons that experts compare SharePoint without add-ons to an iPhone without apps.


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