Hillstone Year End Promotion 2016 for End User (From 1st Oct to 31st Dec 2016)  Hillstone E-Series Next-Generation Firewalls Comprehensive network Security and advanced firewall features Catch our Hillstone E-Series Next-Generation Firewalls special promotion now!!                                                                                                                                                                            More Info>>


Hillstone i+NGFW Special Promotion From Aug to Sept 2015 (From 1st August to 30th September 2015)  Hillstone added machine learning into the firewall that monitors and detects anomalous network behavior Catch our Hillstone’s Intelligent Next-Generation firewall special promotion now!!


  Hillstone Network Deal Registration Program (From 1st July 2014 to 30th September 2014) What Is Deal Registration Program? Deal registration program is designed to reward channel partners for the role that you play and the value your business brings to the most important stage of the sales cycle—Sales Opportunity Identification. Secure Source is now offering deal registration to all interested channel partners and system integrators. Deal Registration allows you to protect your leads and business opportunities without competition from third parties. *Earn your reward by register the sales opportunity TODAY !! For more information, please call us at 03-7805 7568/7859, email or visit *Terms and Conditions Apply


Hillstone Network Technology Refresh Program

(From 1st July to 30th September 2014)

Introducing The Hillstone Network Technology Refresh Program

By participating in the Hillstone Network Technology Refresh Program, you ensure your network is protected by the very latest technology of firewall. Hillstone’s intelligent data correlation analysis and advanced threat detection can discover the abnormal traffic behaviors that identify next generation threats and slash risk before there’s any business damage. Hillstone’s advanced threat detection can protect an organization from major financial losses.

Trade-Up or Upgrade your existing appliance to the Hillstone’s Intelligent Next-Generation firewall with a special discount now!!



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